art by Junissa Bianda

Hi! Salam kenal! My name is Junissa and I'm an illustrator from in Indonesia. I specialize in illustrations with the quirks of whimsical and colourful, in which i hope kids will find them fun and interesting. Drawing started as a hobby for me. During My Childhood, I was blessed with parents who supported my hobby and provided me with so many art lessons and art supplies. They inspired me to be a better artist during each stage of my life and truly enjoy every bit of the process. Therefore, with graphic design as my bachelor's degree and children's book illustrator as my graduate degree, I decided to use these skills to pursue my career as a children's book illustrator. 

The goal in my career is to make Indonesian kids become more interested in reading books, especially Indonesian folktales. Introducing or re-introducing these stories will educate these kids about their culture. Perhaps kids all over the world would one day learn about the variety of these Indonesian folktales, but that's the next step. 

Aside from my love for my country, I'm grateful for the opportunity to study in one of my favorite cities; San Francisco. Some of the few things I love about San Francisco are the variety of great hiking places, fun sport classes and definitely great coffee! I'm always excited to try new coffee places. A bonus if they have nice pastries :).